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Author: René Wagner <>
Date:   Fri,  1 Jan 2021 16:23:08 +0100

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diff --git a/index.gmi b/index.gmi @@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ You'll mostly find tech and coding related stuff here. ## shortlog -<<<<<<< HEAD ### 2020-12-30 gitea self hosting probably the last update in 2020 i've been tinkering with a rented dedicated server and gitea self hosting since yesterday. Mostly out of curiosity, but now i'm thinking about permanently moving my stuff to this one and pull it "home" to the server hosting this capsule @@ -42,13 +41,16 @@ in the meantime i'll keep adding some interesting capsules to transit, still a l ## coding +### gemini related Perl maybe considered oldschool by many, but it is still very good in text processing - which is the very core of gemini. Therefore it is obvious to use perl for cgi with gemini. => cgi scripts for gemini written in Perl -As a amateur photographer i create some open source tools which support my workflow: -=> photo-workflow tools on +### photography +As a amateur photographer i created some open source tools which support my development workflow => photo/ more information about my photo workflow and the tools +=> tools on + ## About me I started my "computer career" in the late 1980s, when i wrote BASIC programs on one of these: