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Author: René Wagner <>
Date:   Sun, 24 Apr 2022 09:23:56 +0200

update 2022-04-24

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diff --git a/de/index.gmi b/de/index.gmi @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Nun ist doch relativ zeitnah ein Steam Deck bei mir gelandet. Ich hab mal kurz d => steamdeck_erstertag.gmi Der erste Tag mit dem Steam Deck => offizielle Homepage des Steam Deck -### 2022-04-05 +### 2022-04-05 neues Handy Nach langem Hin und Her hab ich mein fast 5 Jahre Samsung Galaxy A3 nun doch abgelöst. Es war klar das ich den ein oder andere Kompromiss würde eingehen müssen, am Ende ist es nun ein Teracube 2e mit dem google-freien /e/ geworden: => Teracube 2e information @ /e/ shop Ein etwas kleineres Telefon wäre mir lieber gewesen und gemessen am Preis ist die Hardware sicher nicht wettbewerbsfähig, aber andere Kriterien waren mir wichtiger und im Vergleich zum A3 ist es ein großer Schritt. Es gibt noch ein paar Bugs, die mich aber im täglichen Betrieb nicht behindern. diff --git a/de/raspi.gmi b/de/raspi.gmi @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Funktion: Hosting verschiedener Dienste, als da wären * pi-hole * gmnisrv ( -* monit +* snowflake proxy ## Überwachung Gerät: Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB @@ -21,15 +21,9 @@ Funktion: Bereitstellen eines Live-Streams einer USB-Webcam über HTTP mittels "motion" ## Entertainment -Gerät: Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB - -Funktion: -Kodi Multimedia Center am TV (mittels LibreELEC) - -## Storage Gerät: Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB Funktion: -Testumgebung für Open Media Vault +Kodi Multimedia Center am TV (mittels LibreELEC) => index.gmi [Startseite] diff --git a/en/archive.gmi b/en/archive.gmi @@ -1,6 +1,9 @@ # shortlog archive @ ## 2022 +### 2022-02-19 cgmnlm 1.3 +cgmnlm release 1.3 has been flagged. It brings two 2 minor bugfixes and allows for custom bookmarks titles. + ### 2022-02-06 capsule cert rotation => gemini:// Gonz Metamatters on key rotation I've been in the situation with a few days ago that the cert has been expired. I as well wanted to avoid trust warnings on clients and used the existing private key to create a new csr and cert, pretty much like its described on the page linked below. As far as i can tell it worked pretty straight forward and no one bothered me because of a cert warning. :) diff --git a/en/index.gmi b/en/index.gmi @@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ You'll mostly find tech and coding related stuff here. => gemini:// Hier entlang zur deutschsprachigen Sektion. ## 🗩 shortlog (latest 3 updates) +### 2022-04-24 +I've been running a Teracube 2e for a few weeks now and i'm pretty pleased with it. The battery lasts for several days, something that most phones can't do nowadays. There are some small glitches on the software side, but nothing that is a show stopper. +=> Teracube 2e information @ /e/ shop + ### 2022-04-05 retro feelings A few days ago i came across "Motorsport Manager", a PC Game released in 2016. I was curious and purchased the game and it's a bummer. I immediately felt like more than 20 years ago, when a pal and i played "Team F1" (called "Pole Position" in Germany) by Ascon (later called Ascoron before going bankrupt) a lot. Motorsport Manager is pretty much Team F1 in a more modern shape. It even has the 2D view of the race simulation - you really don't need fancy 3d graphics to get the immersion of a race day. @@ -15,9 +19,6 @@ Feeling like a teenager again... :) I finally got around to tinker around with Arch on my Raspi 4 8GB. It seems that this will make a pretty capable small desktop replacement, especially if on SSD is attached. :) Well see if everything that i need for my daily driver will run. -### 2022-02-19 cgmnlm 1.3 -cgmnlm release 1.3 has been flagged. It brings two 2 minor bugfixes and allows for custom bookmarks titles. - => archive.gmi shortlog archive ## 🛈 info & articles