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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,11 +1,16 @@ -# Simple Photo Stats +# Photo Stats This project is about a small tool providing some stats of your photography. It is mainly a selfcontained [SQlite]( database that stores the data which is extracted from the exif data of your images using [exiftool]( and provides some predefined statistics about the data which can be queried with the tool itself. +### get in contact +There are two prefered options to choose from to get in contact for feature request, bug reports, question and everything else related to photo stats: +- the ticket tracker: +- the mailing list: + ## requirements -The famous `exiftool` needs to be installed on your system. +The famous `exiftool` needs to be installed on your system, no matter if you use prebuilt binarys or the bare scripts. ### using binary (recommended) There are prebuilt binarys (currently x86\_64 linux only) and packages for Arch Linux and derivatives available for [every ref]( @@ -42,16 +47,17 @@ For information about parameters and usage call `phosta[.pl] --help`. ### available stats - pictures by lens - pictures by camera body -- pictures by shutterspeed +- pictures by shutterspeed used - pictures by focal length (35mm) used - pictures by iso used -- pictures by aperture +- pictures by aperture used The stats are available as grouped counts by - all time total - by year - by month - by week of year +- by time of day ## FAQ - I have my images on a network share, how can i include them into the stats?