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Document RC files.  Closes #27.

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -44,3 +44,19 @@ If a Gemini document is too long to fit on your screen, use the `less` command to pipe it to the `less` pager. Use the `help` command to learn about additional commands. + +## RC files + +You can use an RC file to automatically run any sequence of valid AV-98 +commands upon start up. This can be used to make settings controlled with the +`set` or `handler` commanders persistent. You can also put a `go` command in +your RC file to visit a "homepage" automatically on startup, or to pre-prepare +a `tour` of your favourite Gemini sites. + +The RC file should be called `av98rc`. AV-98 will look for it first in +`~/.av98/` and second in `~/.config/av98/`. Note that either directory might +already exist even if you haven't created it manually, as AV-98 will, if +necessary, create the directory itself the first time you save a bookmark (the +bookmark file is saved in the same location). AV-98 will create +`~/.config/av98` only if `~/.config/` already exists on your system, otherwise +it will create `~/.av98/`.