A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.
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Author: Luke Emmet <>
Date:   Sun, 15 Aug 2021 14:52:57 +0100


Added more client libraries and applications, including Romulus, html2gemini, html2gmi, SmolNetSharp
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ Repo mirrors: - [leo]( (Python) - lightweight, prompt-driven Gemini client. - [min]( (Go) - supports advanced features like input and client certificate generation. - [ncgopher]( (Rust) - gopher and gemini client for the modern internet. +- [Romulus]( (C#) - interactive TUI client with menus and mouse support - [Telescope](// (C) - w3m-inspired, multi-protocol client that supports Gemini, Gopher and Finger - [tinmop]( (Common Lisp) - opinionated Mastodon and Gemini client @@ -98,10 +99,12 @@ Repo mirrors: - [go-gemini]( (Go) - library that provides an easy interface to create client and servers. - [go-gemini]( (Go) - more recent fork of the library above. - [gig]( (Go) - Gemini framework. +- [html2gemini]( (Go) - package library to convert HTML to Gemini (see also html2gmi for command line application) - [ignition]( (Python) - Gemini client transport/request library for python3. - [Agunua]( (Python) - Gemini library to write clients. Includes IRI support, gemtext parsing and CLI tool. - [kaksik]( (Deno/TypeScript) - middleware library for building server applications. - [ruby-net-text]( (Ruby) - Gemini support in Net::* and URI::* stack. +- [SmolNetSharp]( (C#) - cross platform .NET (core/framework) client library for building Gemini and Gopher clients - [warmuuh/jemini]( - reactive gemini-client, part of jemini-project - [geminic]( (Erlang) - An Erlang library for building Gemini protocol clients. @@ -200,6 +203,7 @@ Repo mirrors: - [gmnhg]( (Go) - renders a Hugo site to a Gemini site. - [gssg]( (Go) - simple gemini static site generator. Generates pages, index and atom feeds. - [Html2GeminiPy]( (Python) - Converts Html sites to Gemini sites using markdownify and md2gemini. +- [html2gmi]( (Go) - command line utility to convert HTML to gemtext - [kiln]( (Go) - simple static site generator for Gemini sites. - [Lupa]( - crawler to explore the geminispace and make statistics (you can see them at __gemini:// ). - [Manisha]( - Nagios (and compatible, such as Icinga) plugin to monitor Gemini servers.