python gemini client library
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2023-08-27 13:24move README to MarkdownRené Wagner2+22-10
2023-08-27 13:09fix Content-Type handling and add basic testsRené Wagner3+16-8
2023-08-27 10:55remove usage of cgi moduleRené Wagner2+9-7
2023-04-07 13:55timeout adjustmentRené Wagner1+1-4
2022-08-06 13:16fix formatting of cipher stringRené Wagner1+1-2
2022-03-17 18:24allow more ciphersRené Wagner1+2-1
2021-09-10 19:38update allowed tls ciphersRené Wagner1+1-1
2020-07-27 10:01Ensure there is a meta valueNatalie Pendragon1+9-0
2020-07-20 12:03Return error responsesNatalie Pendragon1+8-2
2020-06-11 10:27Return num_bytesNatalie Pendragon1+3-1
2020-06-09 10:53Return langNatalie Pendragon1+5-1
2020-06-03 20:11Return charsetNatalie Pendragon1+7-3
2020-06-03 17:24Only read 1027 bytes in headerNatalie Pendragon1+7-3
2020-05-24 12:28Fail more gracefully on missing meta in success responsesNatalie Pendragon1+3-0
2020-05-24 11:59Fail more gracefully on invalid headersNatalie Pendragon1+4-0
2020-05-21 19:33Update how header gets split to be more robustNatalie Pendragon1+4-6
2020-05-19 14:42Fix bug in handling of unknown mimetypesNatalie Pendragon1+1-1
2020-05-19 13:41Handle network read errorNatalie Pendragon1+5-1
2020-05-19 13:30Don't attempt local file readsNatalie Pendragon1+5-3
2020-03-14 14:09Handle binary responsesNatalie Pendragon1+8-5
2020-03-07 15:52Catch more invalid header response typesNatalie Pendragon1+6-1
2020-03-07 14:26Handle input type responsesNatalie Pendragon1+8-5
2020-02-23 14:46Hack client to work with GUS v1Natalie Pendragon2+26-11
2019-10-10 22:26Tiny doc fixJason McBrayer1+1-1
2019-10-10 22:24Working client (minimal testing)Jason McBrayer2+153-136
2019-09-20 20:29Common python .gitignoreJason McBrayer1+125-0
2019-09-20 16:17Initial project commitJason McBrayer8+912-0