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Author: René Wagner <>
Date:   Mon,  7 Nov 2022 18:01:16 +0100

add photo-helpers

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diff --git a/.build.yml b/.build.yml @@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ sources: - git:// - git:// - git:// + - git:// - environment: site: @@ -22,6 +23,7 @@ tasks: ./gmnigit -perms -refs -name -dist ../ -repo ../gusmobile/ -url git:// ./gmnigit -perms -refs -name -dist ../ -repo ../ -url git:// ./gmnigit -perms -refs -name photo-stats -dist ../ -repo ../photo-stats/ -url git:// + ./gmnigit -perms -refs -name photo-helpers -dist ../ -repo ../photo-helpers/ -url git:// cd ../ rm -rf .git/ tar -cvz . > ../site.tar.gz diff --git a/en/index.gmi b/en/index.gmi @@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ photo-stats is a small statistics processor for your terminal => photo-stats, statistic processor for your terminal => gemini:// source of photo-stats +photo-helpers +=> photo-helpers, small scripts to help you organize your library +=> gemini:// source of photo-helpers + ## 🕮 About me I started my "computer career" in the late 1980s, when i wrote BASIC programs on one of these: => Robotron KC85/4 diff --git a/en/shortlog.gmi b/en/shortlog.gmi @@ -1,10 +1,11 @@ # shortlog archive @ ## 2022 -### 2022-10-30 Teracube 2e for sale -I'd like to offer a Teracube 2e smartphone that comes with /e/ OS (aka Murena) preinstalled. -The device is in a gread condition and is working fine. -Feal free to reach out to me (contact information on index) if you are interested. +### 2022-11-07 afm +I've been using ART, Another RawTherapee Fork, for quite some time now as my solely raw converter. My workflow is completely adjusted towards it. +=> ART web page +To make my library management easier i created a small script that helps me manage images that have already been processed. After a longer break the last missing piece to call at a "1.0" was added yesterday. Maybe this script is useful for other users as well. +=> gemini:// ### 2022-09-25 cgmnlm 1.5 Mostly thanks to patches by Ondrey Fjala cgmnlm seen released 1.5 today.