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Author: René Wagner <>
Date:   Sat, 30 Oct 2021 11:13:43 +0200

CB-Funk 2021-10-30

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diff --git a/de/cbfunk-log.gmi b/de/cbfunk-log.gmi @@ -2,6 +2,9 @@ Meine Reise zurück in die Zukunft oder: Wie ich in ein Hobby, dass ich vor 20 Jahren aufgegeben haben, wieder einstiege und was sich seit damals geändert hat. +### 2021-10-30 war ja klar +Und es kam wie es kommen musste: gestern nachmittag hab ich ne GPS27 Halbwelle auf den Mast geschraubt. Erste Tests zeigen 2 S-Stufen Gewinn bei RX im Vergleich zur Boomerang an der gleichen Position. Hat sich gelohnt. + ### 2021-10-22 hoch hinaus Eigentlich wollte, bevor ich mich nach ner Halbwelle o.ä. umsehe, noch etwas Antennenhöhe gewinnen. Nochmal 2 Meter mehr über dem Dach wären schon schick gewesen. Ignatz (der 1. Herststurm in 2021) hat mir nun aber gezeigt, dass das ohne zusätzliche Abspannungen zur Mastsicherung ein waghalsiges Unterfangen wird. Also bleibts erstmal bei 2.5m über Dachfirst. diff --git a/de/cbfunk.gmi b/de/cbfunk.gmi @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ # CB-Funk @ Meine Erlebnisse und Aktivitäten rund um den CB-Funk findet ihr in einem eigenen Log: -=> ./cbfunk-log.gmi Mein CB-Funk Log +=> cbfunk-log.gmi Mein CB-Funk Log Was CB-Funk genau ist umfangreich auf Wikipedia erklärt: => CB-Funk ( diff --git a/en/archive.gmi b/en/archive.gmi @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ This is somewhat appealing to me. I'm more and more annoyed by the increasing co I think it's a good idea to take a step back and think about what it was like a few years ago and if we can learn something from the way we've gone during this time. Unfortunately i don't have any hardware that meets Solenes requirements, but i'll probably join with a stripped down VM running Haiku. -=> ./sources/cgmnlm.git/ Additionally the source of cgmnlm is now available for browsing via gemini +=> gemini:// Additionally the source of cgmnlm is now available for browsing via gemini ### 2021-07-03 cgmnlm usage update cgmnlm saw 2 small updates recently which should make browsing capsules easier: @@ -136,10 +136,10 @@ Gonna write some more lines about what i wanted to achieve and what i did. ### 2021-01-05 cgmnlm i've created a fork of gmni (or to be more precise gmnlm) which i call *cgmnlm* as it adds colored formatting to the gemtext special lines -=> ./cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm what? +=> cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm what? After quite some time thinking about getting a raspi (or similar) for tinkering i finally ordered one. should arive soon, first use case is to set up a surveillance cam for the dogs. I'll keep you updated how it goes. -=> ./archive_2020.gmi shortlog archive 2020 +=> archive_2020.gmi shortlog archive 2020 -=> ../ [home] +=> index.gmi [home] diff --git a/en/archive_2020.gmi b/en/archive_2020.gmi @@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ i came across *geddit* a few days ago - a interactive link collection with comme ### 2020-12-13 monit i finally got around to update gmnisrv to the latest commit and set up automatic restart in case of a failure. Hopefully this will result in less outages to the gemini services hosted on -=> ./hosting.gmi have a look at my hosting setup -=> ./transit/ additionally a few feeds were added to transit +=> hosting.gmi have a look at my hosting setup +=> transit/ additionally a few feeds were added to transit ### 2020-12-06 transit more pandemic caused restrictions coming in here in bavaria, so there's more time exploring the gemini space. -=> ./transit/ transit, my personal gemini feed +=> transit/ transit, my personal gemini feed ### 2020-11-30 orrg has seen some good progress in the last days. It's state seems mature enough to publish it on the mailing list and move it to a permament URI: @@ -56,4 +56,4 @@ This gemini project really got me. As a long time perl dude i was curious to see After the advocating for gemini of ddevault i finally setup a gemini space on my machine to tinker around with it. The move to our new house should be completed in a few days. Although there much left to do in the upcoming months, i hopefully will have more time to do some coding stuff again and add more content to this gemini space. -=> ../ [home] +=> index.gmi [home] diff --git a/en/cgmnlm.gmi b/en/cgmnlm.gmi @@ -83,4 +83,4 @@ $ sudo make install ``` Drop me a note if you are interested in packaging or have demand for a specific package. -=> ../ [home] +=> index.gmi [home] diff --git a/en/hosting.gmi b/en/hosting.gmi @@ -61,4 +61,4 @@ The "cloud" backups are created automatically every night. It creates a full-bac If opted for duplicity as a long-standing, proven backup solution which suits my use case. => duplicity homepage -=> ../ [home] +=> index.gmi [home] diff --git a/en/index.gmi b/en/index.gmi @@ -20,14 +20,14 @@ For me, solderpunk completely hit the point in why using a "real" camera for tak The imersion a camera with a dedicated viewfinder can create leads to a hugely different approach on taking photos and leads to different results than the "point and click" style of smartphones. Just give it a try - although you'll probably need to get familiar with the basic physical concepts of photography in the first place, the ones that usually some sort software in your phone tries to take care of. -=> ./archive.gmi shortlog archive +=> archive.gmi shortlog archive ## 🛈 info & articles -=> ./hosting.gmi (outdated) my self-hosting setup +=> hosting.gmi (outdated) my self-hosting setup ## 🗐 coding ### gemini related -=> ./cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm, a colorful gemini line-mode client +=> cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm, a colorful gemini line-mode client Perl maybe considered oldschool by many, but it is still very good in text processing - which is the very core of gemini. Therefore it is obvious to use perl for cgi with gemini. => gemini:// orrg, online rss feed renderer for gemini diff --git a/index.gmi b/index.gmi @@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ - eine öffentliche Suchmaschine für Gemini - ist mein Beitrag "Transit" is my personal feed aggregator with interesting stuff in geminispace: "Transit" is meine persönliche Zusammenstellung von interessanten Kapseln: -=> ./transit/ Transit +=> transit/ Transit diff --git a/transit/footer.gmi b/transit/footer.gmi @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@ -=> ../ [home] +=> index.gmi [home] => powered by spacewalk