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Author: René Wagner <>
Date:   Sun, 13 Dec 2020 21:41:35 +0100

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diff --git a/hosting.gmi b/hosting.gmi @@ -15,20 +15,19 @@ The machine itself is: I prefer the KISS principle, thus i use a very simple partitioning scheme with ext4/xfs. No LVM, btrfs or other fancy tools - the benefits of this are not relevant for my use case. In case of a failure it is very important for me to be able to access the data without complicated toolings. The failure is enough stress, no need to increase it even more with tools i'm not familiar with. -A UPS will so be added to the setup. - ## tooling -* Debian Buster with Backports +=> * Debian Buster with Backports * Web: Apache 2 & PHP-FPM -=> Monitoring: monit -=> Gemini: gmnisrv +=> * Monitoring: monit +=> * Gemini: gmnisrv ## services ### gemini => gemini:// this capsule +=> gemini:// orrg - online feed renderer for gemini => gemini:// When will gemini support? => gemini:// gmnifaq demo site diff --git a/index.gmi b/index.gmi @@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ ### 2020-12-13 monit i finally got around to update gmnisrv to the latest commit and set up automatic restart in case of a failure. Hopefully this will result in less outages to the gemini services hosted on +=> hosting.gmi have a look at my hosting setup +=> transit/ additionally a few feeds were added to transit ### 2020-12-06 transit more pandemic caused restrictions coming in here in bavaria, so there's more time exploring the gemini space. @@ -26,8 +28,6 @@ orrg has seen some good progress in the last days. It's state seems mature enoug ## info => transit/ transit, my personal gemini feed -=> gemini:// awesome gemini -=> feeds.gmi feeds i read regularly => hosting.gmi What looks my self-hosting setup like? ## coding